Monday, January 18, 2010

Possibly why some Farang won't eat from street vendors...

I went with this one in the end, although it was just as tempting to use the more succinct "Stir Fried Crap" or the brutally simple "Crap Curry".

Of course, the crimes I've been wreaking on the Thai language are far worse. And the food was some of the best I've eaten since arriving, although I put my egg count for today at about 10. The trials of a vegetarian in Bangkok, it seems, include returning home vaguely ovoid.

The most notable eggs of the day ("Eggs of Bangkok" - that's what I should have called this blog!) belonged to the Spicy Preserved Egg salad that accompanied my egg pad thai. Black and somewhat gelatinous, they really are quite special. Sadly, I am yet to locate the dish I once had in Macau which featured a large number of the beasts deep fried and shrivelled into anthracite oysters.

On the positive side, considering my running tally, I'm sure tapping two dozen eggs a day really can't be good for you.

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